Travel request (HRFI)

Travel Requests (Business Trips) may be undertaken by all employees (AUP/WUP) of the university of Vienna.

A Travel Request (Business Trip) is deemed to have taken place when an employee travels to a location outside the place of work in order to carry out a work assignment issued by the University of Vienna (cf. § 62 KV). Accordingly, a Travel Request (Business Trip) can only be granted on behalf of the university. Through the authorisation, the employees receive a legitimate absence from the workplace. According to § 62 para 2 KV, Travel Requests (Business Trips) begin with the departure from the place of work, if they are started from there, otherwise with the departure from the employee's nearest home, which is necessary for the trip. Travel Requests (Business Trips) end with the return to the place of work or with the return to this dwelling necessary for the trip.


  1. Request Travel Request (business trip) independently from the applicant (AUP/WUP) in the HR-FI workflow and release for approval (usually means forwarding). In addition, if applicable, complete the application for an international A1 certificate for posting on business (EU member states/EFTA, Switzerland, UK; exception: DE) and also forward it to the dean for approval for faculty staff members or to the project leader for project staff members.
  2. Approval of absence by means of a Travel Request (business trip) application as well as the international A1 certificate for posting on business form by the dean or, in the case of project staff, by the project manager.
  3. Approval of faculty cost refunds by the dean responsible for the budget or, in the case of project cost refunds, by the project leader responsible for the budget.
  4. Travel request (Business Trip) must be approved via the HR-FI workflow and received by the Personnel Administration/Travel Expenses Department at least two weeks before the start of the trip.
  5. In the case of an application for an international A1 certificate for posting on business, the applicant must send the approved travel request application including the approved on business application for an international A1 certificate for posting to the service e-mail address: including to him/herself. For more details, see A1 Certificate for posting on business.


  • The start of the travel request (business trip) is only possible after approval has been given!
  • The commencement of a travel activity without prior approval constitutes an unjustified absence from work and may result in consequences under labour and social security law.
  • In addition, there is no entitlement to reimbursement of expenses.
  • A later entry of the travel request (business trip) via HRFI is not possible.

Travel requests (Business trips), travel leave of absence for research and/or teaching purposes and travel within the framework of third-party funded projects must be carried out in accordance with the principles of economic efficiency, expediency, economy, social as well as ecological sustainability and legality, whereby the CO2 footprint is to be kept as low as possible. Accordingly, public transport should preferably be used. The focus is on sustainability: the University of Vienna requests staff to give preference to rail travel over air travel and to refrain from travelling by motorised vehicles as far as possible.

Due to the legal basis for travel requests (business trips), employees have a legal claim to reimbursement of costs. As a rule, the travel allowance regulation (Reisegebührenvorschrift - RGV) is used for settlement.


  • Settlement without exception before termination of employment
  • Settlement of travel requests (business trips) for the approved trip must, without exception, be made within six months of the end of the travel activity
  • In the case oftravel requests (business trips) in the second half of the year, if possible by 31.12. of the respective calendar year at the latest


  • Travel accounting with flat rates (via personnel administration)
  • Reimbursements (q-flow) without flat rates (via the Finance Department)


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