Research at the Faculty of Mathematics

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Modern mathematics in its disciplinary character is distinguished by its wide spectrum of subareas. It is a central science covering the analysis of complex, abstract systems and constructions that are often inspired by heuristic observations, modelling and the development of efficient algorithms for the solution of mathematical problems, as well as applications. Mathematics is a discipline in its own right as well as the foundation for all quantitative sciences. One of the foremost goals of the Faculty of Mathematics is to represent this science at the highest international level in its wide breadth in research and teaching, and at the same time, to offer extensive services in research and teaching for other scientific disciplines.

Based on the key research areas that form part of strong international networks, the Faculty of Mathematics emphasises the importance of cooperation with applied sciences; in addition to the focus areas logic is represented at the Kurt Gödel Research Center. The Faculty makes all possible efforts to further intensify the existing synergies with research groups in biology, physics, astronomy and engineering sciences, and to be an attractive partner for them.

In addition, the Erwin Schrödinger International Institute for Mathematical Physics and the Wolfgang Pauli Institute are integral parts of the research infrastructure of the Faculty of Mathematics.