Travel management

As already mentioned at the beginning in the main point "HR & Finance Services (, the processes of travel management at the University of Vienna have been modernised and at the same time digitally expanded with new functionalities. The Travel Management Office of the Faculty of Mathematics is an informative central service and contact point for both its academic staff (WUP) and its general administrative staff (AUP) for dealing with questions, problems, requests and complaints regarding business travelling at the University of Vienna, whereby it should be pointed out in this context that on the one hand the group of persons of the AUP also includes the general administrative project staff and on the other hand the group of persons of the WUP also includes the scientific project staff.

The area of responsibility includes, besides other things, assistance in applying for travel requests (business trips) in connection with travel leave of absences as well as travel requests (business trips) and their settlement by means of travel subsidies and travel accounting via the DLE Human Resources as well as in the form of cost reimbursements via the DLE Finance and Controlling.

An important goal of travel management is to strive for continuous improvement of processes and optimisation of service quality. Clearly defined structures enable us to handle travel-related matters in a solution-oriented manner.

In any case, the relevant legal provisions shall apply, in particular the "Reisegebührenvorschrift 1955 idgF (RGV)", "VO der Bundesregierung über die Festsetzung der Reisezulagen für Dienstverrichtungen im Ausland idgF", the Collective Agreement for Employees of the University of Vienna (KV), the Income Tax Act (EStG), etc.

If you should require further information on the subject of time management, please contact us either

  • personally,
  • by email,
  • by telephone,
  • by your travel officer personally responsible for you or
  • by email to the - email to the service email address:

to be notified.

Respectful interaction and a good working atmosphere are indispensable for successful team work and service-oriented provision of the required services. Compliments for everyone and constructive critiques of everyone are given honestly and are welcome. A recommendation by you makes us proud and is of course the highest compliment for us.

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we ask that if possible, you arrange a personal visit with your responsible travel officer or in the travel management office in advance!