Studies at the Faculty of Mathematics

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  • Bachelor's degree in mathematics

    The bachelor´s degree in mathematics offers a solid basic education in broad sub-areas of mathematics in a standardized course. Succesful completion of the bachelor´s degree enables graduates to pursue further studies (e.g. at the University of Vienna, master´s degree in mathematics, master´s data science, master´s computational science, etc.) as well as direct entry into professional life.

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  • Teaching degree in mathematics (Bachelor and Master)

    The teaching degree in mathematics (Bachelor and Master) at the University of Vienna is a professional, didactic, educational and practical training at university level with a focus on teaching at secondary levels 1 and 2. The students get a fundamental introduction to mathematics as a science. The thematic emphasis corresponds secondary school´s curriculum.

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  • The master's degree and doctoral degree

    The master's degree and doctoral degree in mathematics offer a scientific education at the highest international level. In the master’s program, students are introduced to current research issues; in the advanced doctoral program, the focus is on independent research by the students. The Faculty of Mathematics offers internationally successful research groups that are active in many areas of pure and applied mathematics, and our students can therefore choose from a correspondingly large number of areas. Both studies are conducted entirely in English.

    On the doctoral level, we run a joint doctoral school with the TU Wien, the Vienna School of Mathematics (VMS).


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  • The teaching degree in Descriptive Geometry (Bachelor and Master)

    The teaching degree in Descriptive Geometry (Bachelor and Master) at the University of Vienna deals with modeling and geometric objects, especially with regard to technical applications. In addition to traditional constructions and hand-drawn sketches, complex software packages are used, the effective use of which requires a good understanding not only of the geometry, but also of the technology used. The course is offered in cooperation with the Vienna University of Technology.

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  • Master Data Science

    The master's programs in Business Analytics, Data Science and Digital Humanities are jointly offered by the Faculties of Economics, Computer Science, Mathematics and the Faculties of History, Philology and Cultural Studies. The aim of the Master’s program in Data Science is to provide apractically oriented and scientifically sound education in the field of modern data science.

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  • Master Computational Science

    The master’s program in Computational Science deals with computer support within the natural sciences. Due to the interdisciplinary approach, which combines computer science, mathematics and the natural sciences (astronomy, biology, chemistry and physics), the focus is on computer-relevant aspects of research and the preparation of results in the respective field of natural sciences.

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