Travel Expenses Reimbursement form - Staff without system access

The accounting form for staff members without system access must be filled out completely and correctly, signed by the applicants on the one hand and by the project leaders or the dean authorised for approval on the other hand, and - if reimbursements are claimed - the accounting must be based on balanced original receipts or payment receipts.

The receipts must be attached to the accounts in scanned form. The following formats are available for this purpose: PDF, JPG, JEPG, PGN. The original documents must be kept for 7 years by the accounting party for possible audits by the tax office or project audits in accordance with § 132 para. 1 BAO. The double use of receipts is not permitted. Subsequently, the approved travel expense forms must be sent as a PDF including the scanned receipts to the service email address: The processing and recording of travel expenses is done directly in the travel expenses department.


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