Unterstützung für die Distanz-Lehre


Prof. Norbert Schuch, professor at the Faculties of Mathematics and Physics, employs concepts from quantum information, in particular entanglement...


Auch die schönste mathematische Gleichung braucht hin und wieder ein "Facelifting". In diesem Fall heisst sie Dodekaederstern -- nun glänzt er/sie...


Virtuelle Lernräume, in denen Erstsemestrige bei den Inhalten der StEOP unterstützt werden.


Starting October, Oliver Hahn joins both, the Faculty of Mathematics and the Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy, as the Chair of Data...


26.11.2020 09:00

Integrable diffeomorphisms and their local normal forms

Kai Jiang (University of Nice)

26.11.2020 14:00

Extension of symmetries from conformal boundaries of vacuum asymptotically Anti-de Sitter spacetimes

Arick Shao (Queen Mary, London)

26.11.2020 15:00

Fantastic Minimax Problems – What Are Solutions and How to Find Them

Michael Sedlmayer

26.11.2020 15:00

Convergence of Borel measures and filters on omega

Damian Sobota (KGRC)

26.11.2020 17:00

Musings on the Pisot Conjecture for Substitution Tiling Spaces and Beyond

27.11.2020 13:30

Reproducing systems arising from unitary representations and functional expansions

Jordy Timo Van Velthoven

30.11.2020 15:30


Defeng Sun (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

01.12.2020 13:15

Counting bundles, affine Springer fibers and Macdonald polynomials

Anton Mellit (U Vienna)

01.12.2020 15:00

First-order theory and acylindrical hyperbolicity

Simon Andre (Vanderbilt)

01.12.2020 15:15

Weight-preserving bijections between integer partitions and a family of alternating sign trapezoids

Hans Hoengesberg

02.12.2020 14:00

Super-resolution of points and curves

Stefan Kunis (Universität Osnabrück)

03.12.2020 10:00

On Gromov's conjecture of fill-ins with nonnegative scalar curvature (II)

Yuguang Shi (Hong Kong)

03.12.2020 14:00

Standard Young Tableaux and the Representation Theory of the Symmetric Group

Stephan Pfannerer-Mittas

07.12.2020 15:30


Guoyin Li (University of New South Wales)

14.12.2020 15:30

Orthogonality-free Approaches for Optimization Problems on Stiefel Manifold

Ya-xiang Yuan (Chinese Academy of Sciences)