Soliton stability in nonlinear dispersive PDEs set on the line

Prof. Pierre Germain (Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New Your U)

17.05.2021 15:30

Properties of Inequality Systems and Their Influence in Convex Optimization

Marco Antonio López Cerdá (University of Alicante)

17.05.2021 16:00


18.05.2021 13:15


Tom Sutherland (University of Lisbon)

18.05.2021 14:00

BPHZ renormalization in combinatorially non-local field theory

Johannes Thürigen (Universität Münster)

18.05.2021 15:00

Generic properties in the space of enumerated groups

Isaac Goldbring (UC Irvine)

18.05.2021 15:00

Efficient (Distributed) Algorithms for Machine Learning

Dan Alistarh (IST Austria)

18.05.2021 15:15

Coefficientwise total positivity of some matrices defined by linear recurrences

Tomack Gilmore (University College, London)

18.05.2021 16:15

Semileptonic b decays, their puzzles and opportunities

Paolo Gambino (Università di Torino)

18.05.2021 16:30

Error estimates for invariant measures of diffusion processes

Max Fathi (University of Paris)

18.05.2021 17:30

Parking on Cayley trees & Frozen Erdös-Rényi

Nicolas Curien (Université Paris-Saclay)

19.05.2021 14:00

Some comments on the HRT-conjecture in L^p(R)

Jorge Antezana (University of La Plata)

19.05.2021 14:00

Long time behaviour of irreversible enzyme systems

Amit Einav (Durham University, United Kingdom)

19.05.2021 15:00

Using the moderately interacting particle method for a mean-field derivation of the fractional porous media equation

Alexandra Holzinger (TU Wien)

19.05.2021 15:30

Optimal Transport between Stochastic Processes

Daniel Toneian (University of Vienna)