Third Mission of the Faculty of Mathematics

ein Mann betrachtet einen riesigen Globus

To address the growing societal and economic challenges, there is an increasing demand for universities to use their knowledge from research and teaching to fulfill their so-called "Third Mission" in society and economy. This implies taking responsibility, actively and consciously, for the society on whose behalf they are working.

 Social & Societal Transfer

"Social and Societal Transfer" refers to the targeted use of scientific knowledge to solve various societal challenges.



Frauen in die Technik
Internationaler Tag der Mathematik
Mathefans an die Uni
Mathematik macht Freude
Schulklassen an die Fakultät

Knowledge Transfer

"Knowledge Transfer" involves the adequate preparation and sharing of scientific knowledge with target groups outside of the university sector (e.g. practitioners, politicians, pupils), and the systematic integration of scientific knowledge into societal discourses.


Finanzmathematik in der Praxis

 Technology Transfer

"Technology Transfer" involves the transfer of knowledge, ideas, technologies, innovations and patents from the university to economic contexts.



Der Einsatz von modernen Optimierungsmethoden im Bereich der Windenergie
Optimale Lösungen für komplexe Probleme