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At the beginning of the new year 2021/2022, the University of Vienna implemented a mammoth digitisation project:

its entire human resources management (AUP: general administrative university staff, WUP: scientific staff) was converted from 'analogue-software-supported' to digital. In this context, we would like to point out that, on the one hand, the AUP also includes the general administrative project staff and, on the other hand, the WUP also includes the scientific project staff.

With the system conversion, processes of -

  • time management: recording of daily working hours (AUP), sick and health notifications (AUP/WUP), request for care leave (AUP/WUP), request for recreational leave (AUP/WUP), request for special leave (AUP/WUP), request for compensatory time (AUP/WUP), etc.

and of

  • travel management: Business trips (applications and settlements), etc. -

were modernised and at the same time digital enhanced with new functionalities.

In addition, the corresponding approval processes by superiors (project leaders, dean) have also been digitalised.

All this can now be done via PC or mobile devices, although there are still technical difficulties, especially in the case of mobile phones and smartphones. A solution to this problem is already being worked on. A modern interface now simplifies all processes. The personnel management system is now simpler, more comprehensible, faster and more transparent.


  • You can access the new system at
  • No installation is required!
  • The application runs on a web interface for employees of the University of Vienna.
  • This can also be accessed on mobile devices. You can access the system with your u:account ID and your u:account password (= Single Sign On principle).
  • No further access data is required.
  • All employees make their own entries in the area of time and travel management (including corrections within the designated time periods)!

Entries of absences for other employees by the time officers are only planned in absolutely exceptional cases and on the instructions of the superior (Dean Bot).

The University of Vienna provides users with a group of time and travel officers as a first point of contact for various questions in the area of time and travel management and for support with the entries in the HR4u system. You can find your personal contact person under Time Management in the subitem "Time Officers" and under Travel Management in the subitem "Travel Officers" on the right. If, contrary to expectations, you are unable to reach your contact person, you are of course free to send your request to our service email addresses:

  • (Time Management)
  • (travel management).

Of course, a personal touch must never be missing from our service. It is particularly important to us that you are well looked after, which is why we are happy to offer you the service of personal support in the form of competent advice based on profound legal information as well as answering complex questions relating to labour law and business travel law, taking into account the current legal framework conditions, in order to achieve the best possible results. In addition, we provide you with nearly exhaustive support and assistance in the range of the new SAP personnel administration system HR4u. In short, we help you to find your way through the complexity of university Time and travel management, by working through the various topics in a comprehensible and precise manner, in order to help you to feel more confident that you are doing the right thing in terms of labour and travel law.