Welcome at the Faculty of Mathematics

before you arrive

To receive a visa, you’ll need confirmations from our Personnel department on the planned employment.
For this, please send the Personnel record card and attachments as soon as possible to HR with the request to prepare the documents for visa application.
In these documents, you will find info on the further procedure and which visa to apply for.
For further questions please contact ➥projektSERVICE-Mathematik (✉Alan Hazivar).
Work contract
For setting up your work contract, all necessary documents have to be sent to Personnel at the latest two weeks before your envisaged starting date.
For employment in a third-party funded project, please also consult our FAQ:
➥What should I do when I want to recruit a new employee or need an employment contract for myself?.
Funding contract and start of your project
For the start of an FWF project please see FAQ
➥How do I start my FWF project?.
For further questions please contact ➥projektSERVICE-Mathematik.
Living in Vienna
On the site ➥Living in Vienna you’ll find information on
  • Cost of living
  • Public transport
  • Medical care
  • Emergency numbers
  • ESN (Erasmus Student Network)
  • Leisure time in Vienna
Setting up the u:account
To set up your working contract, Personnel needs your u:account ID.
You can activate it at the site ➥Activating your u:account


first steps...

...at the Faculty

Key, keycard and math:account
On your first day of work, please pay a visit to office 10.140 to receive your key and keycard.
If your position is third party funded, a deposit of € 50,- for the key will be necessary.
You will also receive your math:account, which connects you to the Faculty's printing services and linux computers.
➥How to connect to the printers
u:card and library access
You gain access to the University’s libraries through the ➥u:card.
This card can also replace your Faculty keycard if you update it in office 10.140.
Signing your contract
You will receive your contract via e-mail from DocuSign and it will usually be sent to the address you indicated on your Personnel Record Card.
There, you'll also find further details and instructions.

Please note that this e-mail might go to your spam folder!
Short instructions
You can find info on first aid, fire safety and an ergonomic workstation setup in our ➥short instructions.
More detailed ➥instructions for employees are also available.


...in Vienna

❶ Residence Registration
The first thing to do is notifying the city of Vienna of your (new) address to receive a Meldezettel (residence registration certificate).
This should happen in the first 3 days after moving in.
Notifying the city is also necessary when changing apartment later on.
You’ll find more info and addresses of service centres at Vienna's website on ➥residence registration.

Once you have your Meldezettel, update your address information in the ➥HRFI system. (Employee Self Service > Address)
❷ Setting up a bank account
If you do not have a Euro bank account, you have to set up an Austrian one.
Major Austrian banks are e.g. ➥Bank Austria/Unicredit, ➥Erste Bank and ➥Raiffeisen – but every Austrian bank is of course fine.
For setting up the account, your ID, Meldezettel and work contract or hosting agreement (Aufnahmevereinbarung) will be required.

Once you have your account, update your bank information in the ➥HRFI system. (Employee Self Service > Bank data)
❸ Getting your e-card
The e-card is Austria’s social security card that you’ll need for every visit at the Doctor’s.
To receive it, you first have to submit a passport photo to a registration office. You also need to know your social security number.
You can find this number either on your first salary statement or call 050405-23700 - though their staff might only speak German.

You’ll find more info and the addresses of the registration offices at the ➥e-card portal.
When booking an appointment, you might want to indicate that you need service in English.
❹ Residence permit or registration certificate
If you are a non-EU-citizen, you’ll have to replace your visa with a Niederlassungsbewilligung (Settlement Permit).
You’ll find info on which permit is right for you in the documents sent by HR for visa application or with ➥projektSERVICE-Mathematik (✉Alan Hazivar).

Once you have your settlement permit, upload it to the ➥HRFI system. (Mitarbeiter Uni Wien - Wiss. UP > Aufenthaltsstatus)

If you are an EU, EEA or Swiss citizen, apply for a ➥registration certificate instead.


good to know

Short information on Faculty and University
The University of Vienna is the largest university in the German speaking world, hosting approx. 85.000 students and 10.000 employees. Our university has over 60 locations in Vienna – including the Faculty of Mathematics’ two sites in the 9th district: Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1 and Kolingasse 14-16.
The Faculty currently has approx. 2.400 students and 36 professorships.

You’ll find more information in the folder ➥Facts and Figures about the University of Vienna.
Home office
At the moment, employees can request up to 10 days of home office a month.

You’ll find more information at our ➥internal website on home office.
Contact persons
You’ll find an overview of the Faculty’s contact persons in our
➥Who to.
The salaries are always paid out in the middle of the month (around the 15th). For the whole year, employees are entitled to 14 salaries. This means that the salaries in March, June, September and November are one and a half times as high as the base salary. You can find your salary statements in the
➥HRFI-System. (Employee Self Service > Salary statements)
Holidays and days off
Most employees are entitled to 5 weeks of holidays. That means for a 5-day-week, you get 25 days, 20 days for a 4-day-week and so on.
Colleagues with more than 10 years at the university, a qualification agreement or a professorship have more holidays available.

Additionally, there are special leaves for certain occasions and paid care leave for close relatives and people in your joint household.
You’ll find further details and explanations at the
➥ u:wiki sites on absences.

You’ll find a list on legal holidays at the
➥ City of Vienna’s webpage.

Additionally, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve are days off, on Good Friday work ends at 12:00.
FIORI / HR & Finance Services
FIORI (➥https://hrfi.univie.ac.at) is your access point to the university’s HR & Finance services (also referred to as HR4u).
Working hours, sick leaves, absences (holidays, special leaves, paid care leaves etc.) and work travel are all administered through the system. You can also find info on your grant budgets there.
You’ll find more info in projektSERVICE’s ➥guides to FIORI.
➥u:space is the university’s portal for services for students, lecturers and employees as well as external library users. It also gives access to the teaching practice for Teacher Education.
➥u:cris is the research information system at the University of Vienna.
It serves the purpose of collecting and displaying data regarding the research profile and is the basis for reports and analyses of research output.
SVP – safety representatives
Safety representatives (SVP) act as "employee representatives" whose particular function is related to safety and health protection in the workplace.
Their fields of activity include For further questions, please contact the ➥ Faculty’s safety representatives.
Affirmative Action Plan for the Advancement of Women and Gender Equality
The ➥Affirmative Action Plan for the Advancement of Women and Gender Equality is part of the statutes of the University of Vienna.
Basic Data of the University of Vienna
You’ll find information like Founding Charter, bank accounts, fiscal ID, personnel cost rates and various ID numbers in the ➥University of Vienna’s Basic Data.
Salary schemes/Collective Bargaining Agreement
The Collective Bargaining Agreement as well as details on salary schemes and groups are available at HR’s webpage on ➥Salary schemes for University Staff.
Successive contract regulations §109
For the successive contract regulations, the following three components are relevant:
  1. Maximum duration limit: 8 years in total
  2. Maximum number of fixed-term contracts: usually three of such in total
  3. There are also certain exceptions (e.g. professors, project staff, lecturers, substitute personnel…)
Certain employment contracts concluded before October 1, 2021 are excluded!
The detailed framework conditions as well as FAQs are available at the ➥WIKI page on Successive contract regulations.
Conference Management
projektSERVICE provides a tool for management and web site setup for workshops and conferences.
The ➥Conference Management tool includes
  • registration management
  • program creation
  • talk management
  • upload of presentations
  • creation of an abstract book
Open Access publishing
The University of Vienna is funding Open Access publishing in scientific journals. You’ll find regulations and instructions under ➥Funding for Open Access publishing.
German Courses
The ➥Language Center of the University of Vienna offers various German Courses.

Trimester and semester courses may get covered by HR. To be eligible, your contract has to run for at least 12 months with at least 20h/week.

For details and administration, please contact ➥Talent Acquisition and Development (✉Johanna Reutenauer)