Time Officers

The Time Officers of the Faculty of Mathematics are the first point of contact (first-level support) for questions regarding time management for faculty staff (AUP/WUP).

You can find your individual responsible contact person on the right under the point "Time Management" in the sub-item "Time Officers" or click on the button "Time Officers" below. If, contrary to expectations, you are unable to reach your contact person, you are, of course, free to send your request to our service email address: personal.mathematik@univie.ac.at.

The central main task of the time commissioners is the control function. In addition, time administrators have the possibility to correct incorrect entries made by other employees in the SAP system. For this purpose, time administrators have SAP backend access.

The following general rule applies:
All employees make their own entries in the area of time and travel management (including corrections within the designated time periods)!

Entries of absences for other employees by the time officers are only planned in absolutely exceptional cases and on the instructions of the superior (Dean Bot).

An important task of the Time Officers of the Faculty of Mathematics is to strive for continuous improvement of the processes and optimisation of the service quality. Should you therefore require further information on the subject of time management, we would ask you to either

to be notified.

Respectful interaction and a good working atmosphere are indispensable for successful team work and service-oriented provision of the required services. Compliments for everyone and constructive critiques of everyone are given honestly and are welcome. A recommendation by you makes us proud and is of course the highest compliment for us.