(Not So) Informal Probability Seminar

This seminar is currently organised by Marcin Lis and William Da Silva. It was initiated by Alexander Glazman.

The idea of the seminar is to discuss our recent results, or some cool papers we’ve recently read, or just something exciting that we want to share with each other, and sometimes we have guests. The seminar is very informal and there is always a lot of discussions during the talks (so they tend to last a little longer…).

During the summer term 2024 the seminar takes place at mostly* at BZ2 at the Faculty of Mathematics, University of Vienna at 2pm. BZ2 is located on the second floor (first door to the right in the corridor facing the stairs). 

NB: On the below dates the seminar starts at 14:30 at a seminar room at OMP1

DO 07.03.2024, SR3
DO 04.04.2024, SR8
DO 18.04.2024, SR5
DO 25.04.2024, SR5
DO 02.05.2024, SR13
DO 23.05.2024, SR5
Mi 29.05.2024, SR10 (15:00-16:30)
DO 06.06.2024, SR5
DO 27.06.2024, SR5  

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