Quantum length of SLE

11.03.2024 17:00 - 18:00

Ellen Powell (Durham U)

Abstract: I will give a broad introduction to Schramm-Loewner evolutions (SLE), Liouville quantum gravity (LQG), and interactions between the two. Following this, I will focus on the question of defining "quantum length" of SLE: the problem, the solution, and applications. This will include an elementary approach to defining quantum length, which is new work with Avelio Sepúlveda.

M. Beiglböck, N. Berestycki, L. Erdös, J. Maas, F. Toninelli, E. Schertzer
TU Wien, Gußhausstraße 25-25a, 2nd floor, EI 2 Pichelmayer HS