Congratulations, Sandra!


Sandra Müller wins L’ORÉAL AUSTRIA/ÖUK/ÖAW-Fellowship and Elise Richter-Fellowship

We are excited to announce that Sandra Müller has been awarded one of the L’ORÉAL AUSTRIA Fellowships 2020. It is awarded in collaboration with the Austrian UNESCO Commission (ÖUK) and in cooperation with the Austrian Academy of Sciences  (ÖAW) for young basic researchers in the fields of medicine, the natural sciences, or mathematics.

Furthermore, she has been awarded an FWF Elise Richter-Fellowship for her project Long games and determinacy when sets are universally Baire. The fellowship is awarded to highly qualified female scientists and scholars of any discipline, who strive for a university career. 

Sandra is a set theorist with a special focus on inner model theory, determinacy axioms and descriptive set theory, as well as their relationships and connections to other areas of logic. She joined the logic group at the University of Vienna in 2016.

Congratulations, Sandra!

Bild von Sandra Müller