Order-preserving Martin's Conjecture

12.01.2023 15:00 - 16:30

B. Siskind (Carnegie Mellon U, US)

We'll talk about the current status of Martin's Conjecture, a conjecture positing that, up to equivalence almost-everywhere, the only natural functions on the Turing Degrees are the well-known ones: constant functions, the identity, and transfinite iterates of the Turing Jump. While the full conjecture is open even for low-level Borel functions, the order-preserving case seems much more tractable. We'll discuss recent progress on this order-preserving version of Martin's Conjecture.

This is joint work with Patrick Lutz.

Students at Uni Wien are required to attend in person.




SR 10, 1. Stock, Koling. 14-16, 1090 Wien