Our third party funding

The group is hugely successful in acquiring project-related funding from national and international funding organizations, such as the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), Vienna Science and Technology Fund (WWTF), Austrian National Bank (OeNB) and European Research Council (ERC).

Our current projects (in alphabetical order of project title):

The following projects were completed recently (in alphabetical order of project title):

  • A transport view on stochastics and PDEs, FWF Stand-Alone, PI Walter Schachermayer
  • Erkennung atypischer Entwicklungen bei Banken, OeNB, PIs Mathias Beiglböck und Julio Backhoff
  • Macroprudential bank regulation: a continuous time approach, WWTF "Mathematik und ", PI Walter Schachermayer
  • Robust Hedging and Optimal Transport, FWF START prize, PI Mathias Beiglböck