Welcome, Balázs Szendrői!


We welcome Balázs Szendrői to our department as our new professor for Algebraic Geometry.

We wish him a good start and a lot of success in his new position!

Research focus:

* Algebraic geometry: higher-dimensional geometry, Calabi-Yau varieties, topic and enumerative geometry, McKay correspondence

* Connections to representation theory, singularity theory and enumerative combinatorics

* Research development: development of algebra and geometry research in Africa

"My work in pure mathematics contributes to our understanding of phenomena in higher dimensional geometry, the role of symmetries and singularities, and the transition between discrete and continuous structures. I also aim to help African researchers join the international research effort in these subjects by organising summer schools, workshops, and pursuing direct collaborations with colleagues in Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Zambia, Rwanda, Tanzania and elsewhere." (Balázs Szendrői)

Portrait von Balázs Szendrői