START-Project for Elisa Davoli


We are very excited for our colleague Elisa Davoli from TU Wien, who has been awarded one of the START-Projects 2020.

Elisa is an expert in the area of partial differential equations with a special focus on applications to material science and image reconstruction. From June 2015 until January 2020, Elisa was a member of the Faculty of Mathematics first in the group of Ulisse Stefanelli and then as a PI on an Elise-Richter Fellowship. She received the Faculty Teaching Award 2018 and defended her habilitation in November 2019. Since January 2020, Elisa has moved with her group at TU Wien, where she holds an excellence position. We also congratulate Elisa on the award of a Richard-von-Mises Prize of GAMM 2020.

Congratulations on your accomplishments, Elisa!