Public presentations of thesis projects

01.07.2022 13:30 - 16:00

14:00  Sonja Ornella Schobesberger, "Multi-scale asymptotic expansions for cosmological structure formation"
Advisor: O. Hahn
14:30  Kevin Islami, "Applications of Generalized Smooth Functions"
Advisors: P. Giordano, M. Kunzinger
15:00  Sekar Nugraheni, "Generalized holomorphic functions"
Advisors: P. Giordano, M. Kunzinger.
15:30  Daniel Bäumer, "Extensions of classical atmospheric flow models and their boundary layers: incorporating moisture and precipitation"
Advisor: S. Hittmeir

Meeting ID: 617 9998 3951
Passcode: 451179


U. Stefanelli

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