Lattice paths with forbidden patterns and the vectorial kernel method

01.06.2021 15:15 - 16:45

Bernhard Gittenberger

Abstract: We develop a vectorial kernel method -- a powerful method which solves in a unified framework all the problems related to the enumeration of words generated by a pushdown automaton. It is used for the enumeration of lattice paths that avoid a fixed word (called pattern) or for counting the occurrences of a given pattern. This unifies results from numerous articles concerning patterns like peaks, valleys, humps, etc., in Dyck and Motzkin paths and extends the study of Banderier and Flajolet from 2002 on enumeration and asymptotics of the number of walks/bridges/meanders/excursions.

Meeting-ID: 945 4121 9182, Kenncode: Let2Vh


Ch. Krattenthaler

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