Fudan-Vienna Joint Workshop on Applied and Computational Mathematics


In order to further intensify the Strategic Partnership with Fudan University even in the current pandemic situation, a digital "Fudan-Vienna Strategic Partners Week" will take place in November 2021. It will serve to identify potential cooperation opportunities and to deepen the existing cooperation.


Workshops to be held during the Partners Week

closed meetings, open to eligible researchers only (exception: Joint Workshop on Applied and Computational Mathematics)

Academic FieldOrganizer(s) at the University of ViennaTitle of EventDate
Communication Science / JournalismProf. Hajo Boomgaarden, PhD
Prof. Dr. Jörg Matthes
New Frontiers in
Communication Research
2. November 2021, 08:00
German StudiesProf. Mag. Dr. Wynfrid Kriegleder
Dr. Matthias Meyer, M.A.
Mag. Dr. Stefan Krammer, Privatdoz.
Prof. Mag. Dr. Norbert Christian Wolf
Workshop German Studies3. & 5. November 2021, 9:00
PhilosophyProf. Dr. Georg StengerWorkshop Philosophy2. November 2021, 10:30
Art HistoryProf. Dr. Lukas NickelVienna-Fudan Conversations in
History and Philosophy of Art
4. November 2021, 10:00
Social and Economic HistoryProf. Dr. Philipp TherGlobal Business and Labour History
– Lessons from Chinese Civilian
Shipbuilding after 1979
3. November 2021, 11:00
Data Science / MathematicsProf. Dr. Radu Ioan Bot, Privatdoz.Fudan-Vienna Joint Workshop on
Applied and Computational Mathematics
Open to the public!
>> Programme and Zoom Link

5. November 2021, 08:30
Environmental ScienceProf. Dr. Thilo Hofmann

Breakthrough knowledge from the
environmental geosciences for
planetary health:
future perspectives of the
Fudan-Vienna strategic partnership.

2. November 2021, 10:30
Comparative PoliticsProf. Mag. Dr. Sylvia KritzingerComparative Politics in an
International Perspective
3. November 2021, 08:00