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On some inverse source problems governed by fractional diffusion equations
The Douglas-Rachford Algorithm for Solving Possibly Inconsistent Optimization Problems
DAHA representations from doubly periodic tableaux
Exponential domination and its bidual in function spaces
Height function delocalisation on cubic planar graphs
Neural networks: Evaluation of kernel spectra through random matrix theory
Metric measure spaces with a lower bound on the Ricci curvature
Cell Based Modelling - Analysis of an Off-Lattice Model for Angiogenesis
Dynamically defined subsets of generic self-affine sets
Integration with filters
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Non-Nesterov Acceleration Methods for Making Gradients Small in Convex Minimization and Convex-Concave Minimax Optimization
Local Langlands in families for classical groups
Classical dynamics, arrow of time, and the origin of Heisenberg's commutation relations
Stable commutator length and its values
Parametrizing the Ramsey theory of vector spaces
Primes as sums of Fibonacci numbers
Leptin densities in amenable groups
An invariant-based formulation for polyconvex electro-mechanical material models
Quenched limit laws for expanding on average cocycles
Limits of Jackiw-Teitelboim gravity
Dividend maximisation with negative and positive preference rates: a behaviouristic interpretation
Lévy type signature models
Relativistic entanglement
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Mean-field analysis of training dynamics of neural networks and its applications
Second Order Dynamics with Closed-Loop Damping
On the exceptional zero conjectures of Katz p-adic L-functions for CM fields
Almost relevant corrections for direct measurements of electron's g-factor
Automorphisms and splittings of special groups
Strongly unbounded subadditive colorings
Friendly bisections of random graphs
Fluctuating Boltzmann equation and large deviations for a hard sphere gas
Scaling limits for planar aggregation with subcritical fluctuations
TEST - Unit testing scientific software
Low-rank tensor refinement for the data-driven solution of PDEs
Variations on a theorem of Silver
Homogenization of the Einstein equations under symmetry
On Krebs' more reasonable proof of Cobham's theorem
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Hybrid and parametric methods in semidefinite programming
On the Acceleration of First-Order Methods and a New One
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An explicit charge-charge correlation function at the edge of a two-dimensional Coulomb droplet.
Analysis of a fractional cross-diffusion system for multi-species populations
Scalable Solvers for Stokes Equations: Segregated approaches and a monolithic Algebraic Multigrid Method
Short filament approximation for lamellipodium dynamics
When all closed sets are α-limit sets
A proof of the constancy of surface gravity for non-degenerate compact horizons
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07.10.2021 00:00

Dynamically defined subsets of generic self-affine sets

Sascha Troscheit (Universität Wien)

07.10.2021 00:00

Integration with filters

M. Eskew (U Wien)