Exponential domination and its bidual in function spaces

05.10.2021 15:00 - 16:30

V. Tkachuk (Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana; MX)

Given an infinite cardinal \(\kappa\), we say that a space \(X\) features exponential \(\kappa\)-domination if every set \(A \subset X\) with \(|A| \leq 2^\kappa\) is contained in the closure of a set of cardinality \(\leq \kappa\). Evidently, every space \(X\) of density not exceeding \(\kappa\) features exponential \(\kappa\)-domination. We will show that spaces with exponential \(\kappa\)-domination constitute a class with nice categorical properties and, in Cech-complete spaces, exponential \(\kappa\)-domination coincides with density \(\leq \kappa\). Another merit of exponential \(\kappa\)-domination is that it has a bidual in function spaces. To show this, we will introduce exponential \(\kappa\)-cofinality and prove that \(X\) is exponentially \(\kappa\)-cofinal if and only if \(Cp(X)\) features exponential \(\kappa\)-domination and \(X\) is a space with exponential \(\kappa\)-domination if and only if \(Cp(X)\) is exponentially \(\kappa\)-cofinal.

This talk will be given in person.

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HS 8, 1. OG, OMP 1