Quot schemes and affine flag varieties

15.06.2021 13:15 - 14:45

Oscar Kivinen (University of Toronto)

Many interesting moduli spaces of sheaves on germs of plane curve singularities can be realized as subvarieties of partial affine flag varieties. This yields actions of DAHA-like algebras on the BM homologies of these moduli spaces, via a version of affine Springer theory for Coulomb branches. A similar construction also yields coherent-constructible correspondences between the moduli spaces in question and (quasi-)coherent sheaves on partial resolutions of the Coulomb branch. I will describe these constructions and illustrate them with examples coming from Hilbert and Quot schemes. This is based on joint works with Garner and Gorsky-Oblomkov.


H. Grobner, A. Minguez-Espallargas, A. Mellit

Meeting ID: 431 655 310, Passcode: 0cnL5d