Diversity ∈ Academia @ MathDepartment


Cordial invitation!

Join us on June 8th at 3 p.m. for a diversity event in the SkyLounge, organized by the Austrian Association of Women in Mathematics (A2WiM) with support of the faculty and the gender equality unit.

15.00 Welcome

15.15 (Unconscious) Bias at the University (Lena Vogelmann, BA BA MA)

16.30 Impostor Phenomenon in Academia (Dr Marlene Kollmayer)

17.45 Strategies for Inclusion in Higher Education (Assoc. Prof. Nicole Brown) 


Moderation: Dr Anna Breger  

There will be free cake and coffee between the talks, salty snacks and wine afterwards - everyone welcome! Online participation possible via registration at www.a2wim.net.