Budapest-Vienna Ergodentheorieseminar

12.07.2024 14:15 - 18:00


Das Programm:

14:15 -- 15:15 Otto Vaugh Osterman (Maryland)

Title: TBA

15:30 -- 16:30 Olena Karpel (AGH Krakow)

Title: Tail invariant measures for generalized Bratteli diagrams"

Abstract: in attachment

16:30 -- 17:00 Pause

17:00 -- 18:00 Michael Baake (Bielefeld)

Title: On the long-range order enforced by Hats, CAPs and Spectres

Abstract: The recently discovered Hat is an aperiodic monotile
for the Euclidean plane: Together with rotated and reflected
copies, it can tile the plane, but only aperiodically. It is
of interest to understand what kind of long-range order emerges,
and how this compare with previous examples, such as the
Taylor--Socolar monotile. To do so, methods from topology,
dynamics and harmonic analysis are combined to show
that the Hat tiling induces a dynamical system that is
topologically conjugate to a primitive inflation tiling,
the CAP, from which it then inherits a quasiperiodic structure
with pure point spectrum and continuous eigenfunctions. In
particular, it can be understood via a projection from four
dimensions. A similar structure is present for the even more
recent Spectre tiling, which is another aperiodic monotile for
the plane, this time without needing a reflected version.
This is joint work with Franz Gaehler and Lorenzo Sadun.

H. Bruin

BZ 9, 9. OG, OMP1