Past Events

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12.05.2021 15:30

Uncertainty in the ELO Rating

Michael Fischer (University of Vienna)

PDE Afternoon
12.05.2021 15:00

Rigorous Derivation of an Effective Energy Transport Model and Longtime Behaviour for Semiconductors

Philipp Holzinger (TU Wien)

PDE Afternoon
12.05.2021 14:00

Recovering Sobolev Functions: Optimal versus Given Samples

David Krieg (Johannes Kepler Universität)

SE Harmonic Analysis
12.05.2021 14:00

Derivation of Vlasov Poisson equation via combined mean-field and semiclassical limits of large fermionic systems

Li Chen (Universität Mannheim, Germany)

PDE Afternoon
11.05.2021 16:15

Hadronic contributions to the muon g-2 in a dispersive approach

Bai-Long Hoid (AEC, University of Bern)

SE Particle Physics
11.05.2021 15:15

On the expected number of perfect matchings in cubic planar graphs

Marc Noy (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)

AG Diskrete Mathematik
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