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06.12.2019 11:15

Dimension Reduction with Orthogonal Projections and Applications in Medical Imaging using Learning Frameworks

Anna Breger

06.12.2019 16:15

Heavy‐flavour hadroproduction from collider to astroparticle physics

Maria Vittoria Garzelli (DESY, Hamburg / INFN Mailand)

SE Teilchenphysik
10.12.2019 10:30

Residual categories of Grassmannians

Maxim Smirnov (Uni Augsburg)

Representation Theory and Automorphic Forms
10.12.2019 13:15

An introduction to Arakelov geometry: from the geometry of numbers to mirror symmetry.

Gerard Freixas (IMJ-PRG)

Representation Theory and Automorphic Forms
10.12.2019 13:45

Non‐relativistic expansion of general relativity

Jelle Hartong (University of Edinburgh)

SE Mathematische Physik (Joint TU/UV Theory)
10.12.2019 15:00

The local-to-global property for Morse quasi-geodesics

Davide Spriano (ETH Zürich)

Geometry and Analysis on Groups Seminar
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