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18.12.2017 14:00

Vlasov-Poisson in cosmology and plasma physics: monokinetic and multi-beam/stream solutions

Workshop on
19.12.2017 15:00

The unsaturated flow in porous media with dynamic capillary pressure

Josipa-Pina Milišić (University of Zagreb, Croatia)

PDE Afternoon
19.12.2017 16:00

Traveling Waves in Myxobacteria

Angelika Manhart (Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, USA)

PDE Afternoon
19.12.2017 17:00

Gravitational Wave Astronomy: Rcent Results and Challenges for the Future

Sascha Husa (Univ. de les Balears)

20.12.2017 10:00

Mathematical Mechanobiology of the Cell

DI Mag. Dr. Dietmar Ölz (School of Mathematics and Physics, University of Queensland)

10.01.2018 16:15

Understanding the nature of volatility

Mathieu Rosenbaum (Ecole Polytechnique)

Mathematisches Kolloquium
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