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18.01.2021 15:30

Acceleration of First-Order Optimization Algorithms via Inertial Dynamics with Hessian Driven Damping

Hedy Attouch (University of Montpellier)

One World Optimization Seminar
19.01.2021 13:15

The characteristic cycles and semi-canonical bases on type \(A\) quiver variety

Taiwang Deng (Tsinghua University)

Seminar "Representation Theory and Automorphic Forms"
19.01.2021 14:00

Introduction to Rademacher complexities

Lukas Gonon (LMU München)

Didaktischer Vortrag
19.01.2021 14:00

Deformations of JT Gravity and KdV Equations

Joshua Kames-King (University of Bonn)

Joint Seminar of TU Wien and UV
19.01.2021 14:50

Dynamic learning for stochastic processes: neural networks, reservoir computing systems and applications to mathematical finance

Lukas Gonon (LMU München)

Wissenschaftlicher Vortrag
19.01.2021 15:00

Word problems, finite state automata, and fundamental groups of graphs of groups

Susan Hermiller (University of Nebraska)

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