Infinitary combinatorics and strong homology

14.01.2021 15:00 - 17:00

Jeffrey Bergfalk (KGRC)

Motivated by several recent advances, we will provide a research history of the main set-theoretic problems arising in the study of strong homology. As such, this talk will overlap with one on the same theme given in Paris-Lyon Logic Seminar last fall. We will presume no awareness in our audience either of strong homology or of that talk, but will aim in this one to provide, along with the necessary background, some sketch of the main ideas behind several recent arguments. This is an area in which simplicial principles and infinitary combinatorics come together. Its questions, at heart, have tended to be questions about higher-dimensional variants of classical set-theoretic concerns (like nontrivial coherence, \(\Delta\) systems, etc.); these questions, in turn, increasingly appear to be of some interest in their own right.



online via Zoom