Past Events

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25.06.2021 16:15

C-parameter hadronisation in the symmetric 3-jet limit and the strong coupling

Pier Monni (CERN)

Particle Physics Seminar
25.06.2021 14:50

Three-dimensional water flows with constant vorticity with/without geophysical effects

Calin Martin (U Wien)


Wissenschaftlicher Vortrag
25.06.2021 14:00

Extrema mit Nebenbedingungen

Calin Martin (U Wien)


Didaktischer Vortrag
24.06.2021 15:00

The non-linear stability of the Schwarzschild family of black holes

Gustav Holzegel (Imperial, London)

Joint Relativity-Geometric Analysis Seminar
24.06.2021 15:00

Programming in Julia: What is multiple dispatch and how it could help in combining different fields of maths

Steffen Plunder (U Wien)

PhD Colloquium
24.06.2021 10:00

A note on unsolvable systems induced by corank 1 locally integrable structures

Antonio Victor da Silva, Jr. (University of Sao Paulo)

Complex Analysis Seminar
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