Past Events

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01.07.2021 11:00

Space-time finite element methods

Paul Stocker

30.06.2021 14:00

On C*-algebras, Hilbert C*-modules, and their Applications to Time-Frequency Analysis

Arvin Lamando Dela Cruz

SE Harmonic Analysis
29.06.2021 15:15

Selberg integrals and symmetric functions

Seamus Albion

AG Diskrete Mathematik
29.06.2021 13:15

Coherent cohomology of Shimura varieties and their automorphy

Jun Su (Cambrigde U)

Seminar "Representation Theory and Automorphic Forms"
29.06.2021 13:00

Generalized Siegel-Weil formula, Chern-Simons invariants and 3d gravity

Abhiram Kidambi (Kavli IPMU, University of Tokyo)

28.06.2021 15:30

Compositions of Projection Mappings: Fixed Point Sets and Difference Vectors

Heinz H. Bauschke (University of British Columbia Okanagan)

One World Optimization Seminar
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