15.06.2021 16:00

Unconstrained and bound-constrained optimization in high dimensions

Morteza Kimiaei

15.06.2021 16:15

Many body methods for materials: current status and future developments

Georg Kresse (U Wien)

Particle Physics Seminar
15.06.2021 16:30

Single eigenvalue fluctuations of random matrices

Benjamin Landon (MIT)

Vienna Probability Seminar
15.06.2021 17:30

Failure of Ornstein-Zernike asymptotics for models with exponentially decaying interactions

Sébastien Ott (University of Geneva)

Vienna Probability Seminar
16.06.2021 09:00

Energy Methods in linear PDE's

Mihaela Ifrim (University of Wisconsin)


Didaktischer Vortrag
16.06.2021 09:50

Two dimensional water waves

Mihaela Ifrim (University of Wisconsin)


Wissenschaftlicher Vortrag