The characteristic cycles and semi-canonical bases on type \(A\) quiver variety

19.01.2021 13:15 - 14:45

Taiwang Deng (Tsinghua University)

In this talk I will present my recent joint work with Bin Xu on a conjecture of Geiss-Leclerc-Schröer, which is an analogue of a classical conjecture of Lusztig in the Weyl group case. It concerns the relation between canonical basis and semi-canonical basis through the characteristic cycles. I will explain  our approach to this conjecture  and how to reduce the conjecture to show that certain nearby cycles have vanishing Euler characteristic.


H. Grobner, A. Minguez-Espallargas, A. Mellit

Meeting ID: 431 655 310, Passcode: 0cnL5d