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19.06.2019 14:00

How does steel deform? An introduction to elastoplastic materials and damage

David Melching (Univ. Wien)

19.06.2019 14:15

Some results on Visco-Energetic solutions to rate-independent systems


Riccarda Rossi (Università di Brescia, Italy)

PDE Afternoon
19.06.2019 14:15

Recurrence of Cocycles and Stationary Random Walks

Klaus Schmidt (Universität Wien)

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Ergodentheorie
19.06.2019 15:00

Refined counting of alternating sign arrays

Florian Aigner, BSc MSc (Uni Wien)

öffentliche Defensio
19.06.2019 15:15

The Self-adjointness Problem for Quantum Graphs

Noema Nicolussi (University of Vienna)

PDE Afternoon
19.06.2019 15:45

The propagator norm of a (non symmetric, degenerate) linear Fokker-Planck equation

Beatrice Signorello (Vienna University of Technology)

PDE Afternoon
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