03.12.2020 10:00

On Gromov's conjecture of fill-ins with nonnegative scalar curvature (II)

Yuguang Shi (Hong Kong)

Einladung Gravitationsphysik
03.12.2020 14:00

Standard Young Tableaux and the Representation Theory of the Symmetric Group

Stephan Pfannerer-Mittas

PhD Kolloquium
07.12.2020 15:30


Guoyin Li (University of New South Wales)

One World Optimization Seminar
14.12.2020 15:30

Orthogonality-free Approaches for Optimization Problems on Stiefel Manifold

Ya-xiang Yuan (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

One World Optimization Seminar
15.12.2020 13:15


Zheng Liu (UC Santa Barbara)

Seminar "Representation Theory and Automorphic Forms"
15.12.2020 15:00


Tatiana Shulman (IMPAN)