Selberg integrals and symmetric functions

29.06.2021 15:15 - 16:45

Seamus Albion

Abstract: In 1944 Atle Selberg evaluated a striking n-dimensional analogue of the Euler beta integral which now bears his name. Recently Alba, Fateev,  Litvinov and Tarnopolsky (AFLT) discovered a new generalisation of the Selberg integral in which the integrand is multiplied by a pair of Jack polynomials, generalising results of Kadell and Hua-Kadell.
I will discuss how one can use a variety of symmetric functions and symmetric function techniques to evaluate AFLT-type integrals involving Jack and Macdonald polynomials, (complex) Schur functions and elliptic interpolation functions.
Meeting-ID: 945 4121 9182, Kenncode: Let2Vh


Ch. Krattenthaler

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