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25.04.2017 15:15

Smith normal forms of combinatorial matrices (after Alexander Miller and Dennis Stanton)

Christian Krattenthaler (Universität Wien)

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Diskrete Mathematik
25.04.2017 16:15

The GENEVA Monte Carlo framework: improving SMC with resummation



26.04.2017 11:30

Embeddings of Decomposition Spaces - A Brief Introduction into the Recent Work of F. Voigtlaender through Examples

David Rottensteiner (Univ. Wien)

NuHAG seminar
26.04.2017 16:00

Useful Axioms

Matteo Viale (University of Turin)

KGRC seminar
27.04.2017 14:00

The Regge family of finite elements:structure-preserving elements for metrics

Douglas Arnold (Univ. of Minnesota)

Mathematisches Kolloquium
27.04.2017 15:15

On dynamics of triangular maps of the square with zero topological entropy

Vojtěch Pravec (Silesian University in Opava)

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Ergodentheorie
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