30.05.2017 16:15

Top production cross section: matching between relativistic and non-relativistic regimes

Angelika Widl (Univ. Wien)

01.06.2017 15:15

Some interactions between descriptive set theory and ergodic theory

Benjamin Miller (KGRC, Univ. Wien)

AG Ergodentheorie
01.06.2017 16:00

Eigenvalues of symmetric matrices

David Loeffler (University of Warwick)

Didaktischer Vortrag "Algebra und Zahlentheorie"
01.06.2017 16:00

Rank-intro-rank axioms and forcing

Vincenzo Dimonte (Univ. of Udine, Italy)

KGRC Research SE
01.06.2017 16:30

Elliptic curves and the Birch-Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture

David (University of Warwick)

Wissenschaftlicher Vortrag "Algebra und Zahlentheorie
01.06.2017 16:30

The bridges of the Langevin dynamics

Giovanni Conforti (Université Lille 1, FR)

Vienna SE in Mathematical Finance and Probability