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18.04.2018 13:45

Applied PDEs and kinetic equations: from physics to life sciences and beyond

Christian Schmeiser's 60th birthday.

20.04.2018 14:15

Affine Schubert calculus and double coinvariants

Erik Carlsson (UC Davis)

23.04.2018 14:00

The Generalised Riemann Hypothesis

Giuseppe Mussardo (SISSA, Trieste)

24.04.2018 15:00

A geometric approach to Artin groups

Ruth Charney

Geometry and Analysis on Groups Research SE
24.04.2018 15:00

Convergence to equilibrium for complex balanced chenical reaction systems

Bao Quoc Tang (Univ. Graz)

24.04.2018 15:00

Polygenic adaptation: from sweeps to subtle frequency shifts

Ilse Höllinger (Uni Wien)

Seminar Series: Arbeitsgemeinschaft Biomathematik
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