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29.05.2017 11:00

An Introduction to Noncommutative Geometry and Quantum Groups (With Réamonn Ò Buachalla)


30.05.2017 10:00

Black holes, quantum information and the firewall paradox

Quantum Physics and Gravity

ESI-Mini Workshop
30.05.2017 14:15

Black hole quasinormal modes in twisted models of matter minimally coupled to gravity

Andjelo Samsarov (Ruder Boskovic, Inst. Zagreb)

SE Mathemathische Physik
30.05.2017 15:00


Yolanda Einfalt (Uni Wien),

AG Biomathematik
30.05.2017 15:00

Amenable groups and paradoxial representations

Martin Finn-Sell (Univ. Wien)

Geometry and Analysis on Groups Research SE
30.05.2017 15:15

Completing edge-labelled graphs to metric spaces

Michael Kompatscher

AG Diskrete Mathematik
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