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Chaire d’Excellence of the Fondation Science Mathématiques de Paris for Christian Schmeiser


New projects


Developing methods for detecting remnants of nuclear tests using seismic waves in the underground is the goal of an interdisciplinary WWTF-funded...

Ilaria Perugia and Sofi Esterhazy

Prize of the Austrian Mathematical Society for Michael Eichmair


Paolo Piovano untersucht Oberflächenstrukturen und schafft damit die Grundlage für die Entwicklung neuer Materialien

Paolo Piovano

Success with the FWF

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17.01.2018 16:15

kein Kolloquium diese Woche

23.01.2018 15:00

Asymptotic rigidity of layered structures and its applications in homogenization theory

Carolin Kreisbeck (Univ. Utrecht, Niederlande)

PDE Afternoon
23.01.2018 15:00

Indirect evolutionary resuce

Julia Schindler (Univ. Wien)

AG Biomathematik
23.01.2018 15:15

The number of maximal independent sets and maximal matching in series parallel graphs and related graph structuresh

Michael Drmota (TU Wien)

AG Diskrete Mathematik
23.01.2018 16:00

Remarks on the area of the graph of nonsmooth maps from the plane to the plane

Giovanni Bellettini (Univ. of Sienna and ICTP), Italy

PDE Afternoon
23.01.2018 16:00

Real-valued polynomials on Cn

Anna Till (Univ. Wien)

Complexe Analysis SE
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