Propagation of gradient flow structures from microscopic to macroscopic models

18.04.2018 16:15

Martin Burger (Universität Münster)

In this talk we will discuss the propagation of gradient flow structures from microscopic models in statistical mechanics such as overdamped particle dynamics or interacting particle systems on lattices to macroscopic partial differential equations. The key insight is that microscopic models can be formulated as linear Markov chains in high-dimensional spaces, e.g. via Liouville equations, for which recent work by Maas, Mielke and others has provided a rather complete picture. The propagation to macroscopic models is then carried out - at least formally - by constructing a metric structure on an associated infinite hierarchy of equations, resembling the BBGKY hierarchy in kinetic theory, and studying mean-field or other limits in this setup.


U. Stefanelli


Sky Lounge, 12. OG, OMP 1